Beautiful Day Creations & Collectibles is a collective effort between Melanie and her mother Andie. It is actually a combination of Beautiful Day (photographic cards & prints), Goodman Creations (art cards, stickers, jewelery), Serendipity (collectibles) & new additions such as Embroidery by Mercedes.

Shortly after Melanie’s Dad died, Melanie asked Andie what she thought of a creative idea allowing mother & daughter to spend special time together, moving forward from Jeff's death.  Sharing their mutual love of photography by hand crafting cards & participating together on seasonal afternoons at community block parties in Historic Downtown Lancaster. These days became a way to place aside sad, difficult moments to share beauty & creativity with each other, along with new friends met at each community event. They became Beautiful Days! They now include Andie's husband Ed, who helps out with craft fairs &  events.

Evolving from original photographic greeting cards, they inspire each other to create unusual and lovely imagery for magnets, bookmarks and as matted prints to hang in the home or office environment. Together they also enhance memories of your special events with premier photographic imagery & restoration of vintage photographs.

Melanie, Andie & Ed truly hope you enjoy their collection showcasing the diverse shapes and colors of their combined creativity!

Melanie is a member of the Professional Photographer's Association of Pennsylvania.  Her photographic imagery & photographic  / collage cards have been on exhibition / available at: Franklin and Marshall College, Millersville University, jasharp Custom Jewelers, Green Pedals, LTD, Dog Star Books, Kalargyros Gallery, Building Character, Remember This Antiques, and also Dosie Dough Bakery and Spyro Gyro Greek Bistro. She’s lived in the City of Lancaster since 1999 & is pleased to be a part of the vibrant new downtown.

Andie & Ed have over thirty years experience with photojournalism, wedding & studio portraiture and natural landscape photography.  Andie is an active member of the National Association of Professional Photographers, along with numerous state associations.  She will be receiving her Master of Photography certificate in 2011.

When not working on photographic art, Andie enjoys beading original jewelery creations -- especially necklaces, bracelets & eye glass chains.  Custom creations absolutely available!  Both Andie & Melanie are also actively involved with American collectibles & nostalgia.

We enjoy being out at craft fairs &  community events, along with showcasing merchandise at select local shops & online.  We look forward to connecting with you to assist you with finding the perfect gift or looking for missing pieces to your crafted & creative needs!


Beautiful Day Creations & Collectibles
This morning, 04/07/2012, our beloved Andie peacefully passed after five challenging years living with Multiple Sclerosis, and almost two difficult years of Pancreatic Cancer 

" ... but her spirit and zest for life will always remain in our hearts. I feel blessed to have had Andie in my life.  Amaryllis Santiago pointed out upon Andie's passing, that Thomas Kincaid has just passed as well;  he was known as the "Painter of Light".  Well, he is in good company with our Andie, as her light shines so bright. While I feel the loss of her passing so deeply, I am looking at the timing of her passing - the weekend of  both Passover and Easter.  I am assured that she has passed into welcoming and loving arms.Some of you may have not realized actually how ill Andie was and what all she was battling. I believe that is because Andie didn't live in her illness but through it, above and beyond it.  She kept up her art and jewelry work and planned times to get together with friends. I thank Andie for her strength and courage, love and light. Andie's example of living this life through it all will not be forgotten, but will be a reminder to to keep going on and cherish and live each moment where we want to be."As written by Diane Dayton to OGC

A celebration of life was held at Shaari Shomayim Synagog in historic downtown Lancaster. 04/12/2012

In Memory

Light & Love



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